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LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Hand Spinner Toy EDC Anxiety Stress Reliever ADHD & ADD

LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Hand Spinner Toy EDC Anxiety Stress Reliever ADHD & ADD

$ 4.99

Light Up LED
Fidget Spinner Fidget w/ Retail Box
- 9 Total LED Lights In Green, Blue And Red
- 3 Different Lighting Function Modes! (Ultra Speed Mode, Fast Speed Mode, Alternating Pattern Mode)
- On/Off Function
- Easily Change LED Light Modes By Pressing Down On The Encasements 
- LED Lights' Encasement Can Be Opened For Battery Replacement
6 Colors Available:
1. Blue
2. Black
3. Red
4. Yellow

5. White

6. Green
Spin Spin Spin!  These hand spinner fidgets are having everybody spinning out of their seats.  They are the hottest gadgets coming out of 2017!  Kids, tweens, teens, and even adults all love them and can't seem to get enough of the spinning action.  Bored at work or can't seem to get back into your train of thought?  Start spinning one of these to get you back in focus so you can start brainstorming on your next big project.  They are suitable for those with ADHD and OCD.  Once in your hands, you really do not want to stop spinning. People are finding countless ways to do tricks with them. Whether it be spinning on the table, with your hands, fingers, toes, knees, elbows; it really doesn't matter.  What matters is that it just keeps on spinning!  
These spinners were engineered in a way that lets them spin for much longer than you would expect anything can spin for. Each spinner consists of ball bearings and have outer covers that can be removed to give it that raw machine look.  They make the perfect gift for friends, family members, your kids, your kid's kids, co-workers, and anyone that just wants to have a blast.  Don't miss out on the action, FOMO life! Get yours today!

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