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Fidget Toy Cube Block Hand Toy Stress Relief Focus ADHD 6 Side Puzzle Square Widget ADD

Fidget Toy Cube Block Hand Toy Stress Relief Focus ADHD 6 Side Puzzle Square Widget ADD

$ 5.99

New Fidget Toy w/ Retail Box
Each fidget block comes in a retail box with an instruction pamphlet
18 Colors Available:
1. Black Cube w/ Black/Red Buttons
2. Grey Cube w/ Black/Red Buttons
3. Blue Camo w/ Black Buttons 
4. White Cube w/ Magenta Pink Buttons
5. White Cube w/ Electric Green Buttons
6. Twilight Blue Cube w/ Black Buttons
7. White Cube w/ Pittsburgh Yellow Buttons
8. Grey Cube w/ Black Buttons
9. Black Cube w/ Pittsburgh Yellow Buttons
10. Military Camo w/ Black Buttons
11. Black Cube w/ Black Buttons
12. White Cube w/ Black Buttons
13. White Cube w/ Aqua Blue Buttons

14. Black Cube w/ Electric Green Buttons 

15. Jade Green Cube w/ Red Buttons

16. Fire Flames Cube w/ Red Buttons

17. Cheetah Print Cube w/ Red Buttons

18. Wood Grain Print Cube w/ Red Buttons
Feeling Fidgety?  These great gadgets are the latest craze and have people of all ages fidgeting away, paying tribute to all fidgeters of the world. Is the big boss man giving you too much work?  Is it hard getting through your teacher or professor's lecture?  Are your kids running around the house like they had a little too much sugar?  Why let these things push your buttons when you can push your own.  These fidget blocks were designed to help with stress and calm your nerves in situations where you need them to most.  Whether you're feeling antsy, anxious, tense, impatient, or generally just like to fidget, these will help to relieve those issues.  They are suitable for those with ADHD, Autism, and Alzheimer's as well.
     Each of the 6 sides are designed with a specific purpose and provide different ways in which you can fidget and satisfy your cravings.  They are made with a rubberized coating to give that smooth feel.  Kid's love them too and just can't keep their hands off them!  The little ones are fully on board when it comes to the fidget!  If you're that stay at home mom or dad that has some minions to take care of, give them one of these so you can get back to what you do best.  They make the perfect gift for friends, family members, your kids, your kid's kids, co-workers, and anyone that is a fidgeter.  Get yours now!  

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